IMG_1067Portfolios consisting of student work collected over the course of the school year have proven a useful tool for providing a wholistic picture of a child’s development.  In the spirit of honoring process over product, my Preschool makes ePortfolios.

Electronic media has proven an ideal medium for sharing my students’ growth.  A picture tells a thousand words. Our Preschool ePortfolios are a collection of photos of students engaged in learning throughout all areas of the school day and are collected and published regularly throughout the year.  The use of ePortfolios thusly also reduces teacher-work as opposed to elaborate paper portfolios which rely heavily on teachers to make and organize.  I simply take photos when children are engaged in learning tasks and play.  Once a week photos are curated and added to individual student albums as appropriate.

We use Google Photos as the platform for the ePortfolios.  Each child has a secure album accessible to the teachers, parents, and anyone else the parents may choose to add.  Google Photos also allows short videos and montages to be placed in children’ albums.


Parents are always satisfied to see their child’s ePortfolio and allows them a glimpse into their child’s school life.  Grandparents and family far away can also watch their beloved grow.  I also highly value the medium as it reduces our paper consumption and models planet-healthy practices for the children.

Do you have questions about Preschool ePortfolios?  Does your school use ePortfolios? Leave a comment!

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