Gender-Free Preschools


In too many schools, even our youngest children are labeled, categorized, and taught to limit their vision for their future.  But conscious teachers snd schools can help children have a limitless and self-determined vision for their future.  Children can be empowered to more limitlessly develop their potential.

The World Economic Forum highlights a study in Swedish Preschools where children are not labeled by gender nor taught gender roles.  Children are not referred to as “boys” or “girls”, but rather as “friends”.  Link to Article

The idea behind the study is that gender roles are arbitrary and by removing the perception of roles based on gender, children are more free to interact with their world and imagine their future without preconceived limitations.

An author of the study states, “Future studies would be required to establish whether a gender-neutral kindergarten education will lead to greater success”.  My question is, how do we define success?  If we consider success a self-fulfilled life, then removing imposition of roles and boundaries based on gender will lead to greater self-determination and freedom, and thereby, “success”.

In my Preschool I am sure to refrain from labeling children nor treating any child differently because of their gender.  Everyday I watch little boys practice tenderness and caregiving with baby-dolls in the play-house and I watch little girls learn about engineering with building blocks.  Everyday I watch little girls strengthen their bodies with rough-and tumble play on the playground and I watch little boys practice essential life-skills helping make a healthy snack.  Everyday I am watching children create a self-determined and successful future.

How do you help your children develop a limitless vision for their potential?  Leave a comment!

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