A Mindful Teacher

Mindfulness is a practice getting a lot of traction in the educational sphere as of late.  Curious, I registered for two courses taught by Mindful Schools based out of Northern California, and dedicated a school year to study and practice of mindfulness.

Most educators come to a study of mindfulness with the greatest of intentions:  to help their students.  Some, however, think if they teach their children mindfulness techniques, the students will be able to calm themselves and focus on their school work.  This best of intentions, I learned, is somewhat akin to manipulation.

Rather than teaching-mindfulness, the greatest benefit to our students comes instead from our being a mindful-teacher.  When our children see us striving to be better, we serve as more worthy role-models.  When the adult is mindful and therefore free from reactivity, our classrooms and homes will be more peaceful and productive.

Be mindful and relax.IMG_0212

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