Circle Time


Perhaps every student’s favorite part of the day is circle time.  It is a time for us to come together, sing, dance, and play games together.  The circle integrates fine and gross-motor movement, music, verse, and social interaction.  As children move, they are gaining mastery of their bodies.  As they sing and recite verse, they increase their vocabulary.  As children interact with each other in circle games they create bonds, feel the warmth of connection, and strengthen our classroom community.

This month I’ve adapted the classic American verse,  “Going on a Bear Hunt” into a gross-motor obstacle course, also integrating imagination: “Going on a Dragon Hunt”.  On the dragon hunt there is physical challenge, peril, partnerships, and daring, as courage ultimately takes us through the dragon’s cave.

Dragon Hunt Circle

What are your favorite circle games?  Would you like more ideas for circle time?  Leave a comment.

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