Halloween Circle Game


Social circle games are perhaps every child’s favorite part of the day.  In addition to focusing on proprioception, balance, and large and fine motor coordination, children delight in the cooperative games incorporated into our circle time.

Halloween is every American teacher’s favorite holiday.  For Halloween I play a social circle game, The Pumpkin King,  taught to me by my mentor in the Waldorf system.  I’m afraid I don’t know the provenance of this game, only that it’s big fun.

To play The Pumpkin King, students sit in a circle.  One child sits in the center and plays The Pumpkin King.  The Pumpkin King is instructed to close her eyes, and the children forming the circle pass a ring from child to child.  When the teacher has finished reciting the verse, the child holding the ring conceals it in one hand.  The Pumpkin King opens her eyes and searches for which child is concealing the ring.


Not only is The Pumpkin King game fun, as they search for the ring in each child’s hands, students are learning probability and systemic strategy.  Cross-curricular studies can bring students an experience of a topic as a whole, and help students gain a dynamic and circumspect understanding of a topic, and help them frame their understanding.  Happy Halloween!

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