Block Play

A classic staple of any Preschool are building-blocks.  Simple wooden blocks and legos of varying sizes and shapes require children to use their imagination to build and create.  Often children will work cooperatively in large groups to complete a grand design.

I often refer to my building-block center as the physics center.  Children are invited to play creatively and as they build they are learning about engineering, symmetry, balance, and design.  As they encounter errors in their design, they learn a hard lesson about gravity.

Sometimes I will give students an engineering challenge, such as building the London Bridge, and provide them with some structure.  Mostly, however, block-play is left unstructured, and children are left free to play.  They are driven by their own desire to build and create.

As children play with blocks, they are learning essential lessons about science, technology, engineering, and design.  But it couldn’t be more clear, from their perspective, they are really just having fun and enjoying every minute.


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