Natural Consequences

I have a strong rapport with my students, and I keep firm and reasonable boundaries.  Misbehavior is rare.  I have no intention of publicly humiliating students with behavior-charts.  I am aware of each students behavior level at any given time of day, am clear on what I am expecting of that student at that particular time, and act according to each individual student’s needs.

When a need for discipline does occur, I deal privately with each individual.  I strive to understand what is causing this student to misbehave.  When consequences are necessary, I strive to make them as natural, logical, and compassionate as possible.  They fit the nature of the offense, attempt to repair any damage to persons or property, and leave the child’s dignity intact.

For example, playing improperly or too roughly with a toy may cause the toy to break.  When toys are broken, you can no longer play with them.  That’s a lesson tangible to very young children.  In this specific instance, I would require the child to do all they could to mend it.  If tape, glue, or needle & thread can’t fix it, the natural consequence is that the toy can no longer be played with- lesson learned.


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