Read Aloud


Reading aloud to young children is the most important indicator of success.  It is an enjoyable time for all.  The read aloud is the crown of the classroom.  Read as often as you and the students have time for.  Devote at least one time per day for a read aloud.  Parents should devote at least 20 minutes per night reading to their child.  Below are a few tips I’ve picked-up for making the most of this special time.

-Make the read aloud a pleasurable experience!

-Start with picture books, then gradually move to books with more text.

-Vary the length and subject matter of the books.

-Save classroom questions until the end of the read aloud.  Do not turn book discussions into quizzes!

-Have a book on hand for emergencies, or any extra time.

-Encourage older students to read aloud to younger students.

-It is ok for students to use their hands for drawing while listening.

-If the book is a poor choice, stop reading it, and choose another.  If the passage is too long or detailed, skip it.

-Begin reading aloud today!  The younger you start, the easier and better it is for your students.  Studies show benefits to reading aloud to babies In utero!

What are your favorite books from childhood?  What books do you and your children love to read together?  Leave a comment.

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