December Circle

This December we’re playing Shephard in our circle.  The Shephards’ verse is from the Wynstones books used by Waldorf teachers.   I’ve adapted it to include exercises which encourage students to cross their midline.  In this circle, students are using their imagination and are playing as they exercise and develop a crucial neural function.

In the photo above, the students are pretending to saw logs for the fire.  As they push and pull, they are bending at the waist- crossing a horizontal midline at their waist.  Another midline runs vertically between the left and right sides of the body.

As children cross their limbs to the other side of their body, they are exercising and developing the corpus callosum- the region in their brain which enables communication between the right and left hemispheres.  The development of the corpus callosum allows for the creative/symbolic brain to work with the logical/reasoning side of the brain- eventually allowing the brain to make meaning from symbols-reading!

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