Meaningful Jobs

Even very young children are capable of meaningful work.  Because we want students to take responsibility for their own schooling, they can be assigned to complete necessary jobs around the classroom.  It teaches them responsibility and gives them a sense of accomplishment.  They learn they are capable and useful.  Real work also helps develop children’s small and gross motor coordination.

In my classroom, I do not assign work duties on a regular or rotating basis.  Rather, when there is a job to be done, I will assess in the moment which student would benefit most from taking responsibility for it.  Some basic classroom work students can take responsibility for are:

-Sweeping the floor or using a hand-broom

-Washing tables

-Organizing classroom books

-Folding cloths

-Washing placemats

-Sharpening pencils

-Watering plants

-Packing their lunch

Of course, the students all share responsibility to clean-up after playtime.  When young children are given meaningful jobs they learn they are capable, and useful.  Encourage young children to take responsibility for their learning and their learning environment.

What meaningful jobs do your children take responsibility for?  Leave a comment!


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