Serious Play


In a New York Times article, Taking Playtime Seriously,  Perry Kloss, M.D.,  writes about the importance of play in children’s development.  She writes, “this is not about walling children off into special places where they can play, it’s about helping them play and learn in the world, in the homes and schoolrooms and larger environments in which they live and grow.”  Link to Article

Play is an attitude.  I think about Jean Piaget saying, “Play is the work of Childhood”.  Children take their play very seriously.  Following their own intrinsic compulsion to play, children use their own initiative to explore and make sense of the world.  But also, we want them to retain the attitude of play as they grow.  I can think of no better way of doing so than modelling the attitude we wish to cultivate in our students.  A teachers work is play.  Keep it fun and light!    Playing Teacher

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