Teacher Self-Care

It’s the time of year when school gets busy.  In my class we’re busy with Valentine parties & gifts to prepare, field trips, grading, school sports tournaments.  It’s also nearing spring when children develop “spring fever” and sub-optimal student behaviors often arise.

Burnout is a serious issue for teachers.  We put our heart into our work every day, and it is exhausting!  Jenny Grant Rankin, Ph.D. writes about teacher burn out in Psychologytoday.com: “Though working conditions and demands can vary from country to country, it seems that if a country has an established educational system then many of its teachers are experiencing burnout”. Link

There are several good strategies teachers can utilize to manage stress.  Some practices are specific to the demands of teaching young children:-Exercise regularly.

  • -Eat healthfully.
  • -Develop supportive relationships with your friends.
  • -Have down-time with your friends.

More esoteric practices for maintaining your energy whilst working with young children include:

  • -Keep a regular routine.
  • -Practice mindfulness and being in the present moment.
  • -Spend time in nature.  The ocean is especially renewing.
  • -Rub lavender oil on your solar plexus.
  • -Wear an apron when in the presence of young children.

Be proactive in taking care of yourself.  Support your colleagues & be well.  What strategies do you use to prevent burnout?  Leave a comment!

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