Valentine Circle Game


I enjoy celebrating Valentine’s day with the children.  For the last two weeks we’ve been preparing.  The children crafted presents for their mothers.  They wrote cards for their fourth grade reading buddies.  Tomorrow they’ll bake cookies for a little Valentine tea party.  We’ve also been playing a circle game at circle time.  With a valentine and a basket, one child skips around the circle while I sing, “A tisket, a tasket”.  The child with the basket drops the valentine behind one student of their choice.  They then hold hands and skip round the circle together.

Not only is this a sweet cooperative game the students all enjoy-  it also serves as an opportunity to assess the gross-motor development of your students.  Are they skipping?  Are they galloping or shuffling?  Are they just walking normally around the circle?  Students who are typically-developed and nearing readiness for kindergarten can properly skip.  Younger students will gallop or walk as they are able.

IMG_0679 5

How do you celebrate Valentine’s day with your children?  Leave a comment.

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