The Birthday Celebration

A birthday in the preschool is a celebration for which we spend two days preparing for.  The birthday celebration is our way of saying, you are loved, appreciated, and we are glad you were born.

The day before the party, a paper-crown is specially made to the specifications requested by the birthday child   Each child makes a page which are collectively bound into a book which will be gifted with love at the birthday party.  On the day of the birthday, the children work together to bake a cake which may be decorated with fruit and edible flowers.

Parents are invited to the birthday party, wherein children gather in a circle for a little ceremony.  Parents are asked to share a story from each year of the child’s life.  We pass the book we’ve made around the circle that each student may put a wish in the book for the birthday child.  Then, of course, we light candles on the birthday cake and party hard!

We do our best to make birthdays special days.  It’s our way of saying you’re special and life is good.  What do you do to make your children feel special for their birthday?  Leave a comment.


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