Rhythm of the Day

Waldorf Kindergarten teachers are advised to design their daily schedule so as to reflect a breathing process.  A quiet and receptive activity is to be followed by an active more expressive activity and afterward, another quiet and receptive activity- inhalation, exhalation.  Inhalation, exhalation.

For example, upon receiving the children, they engage in quiet reading and writing (inhalation).  Next we’ll go outside to play (exhalation).  Then they come in for their main lesson (inhalation).  Students then practice concepts covered in hands-on activities(exhalation).  Then we sit for a story (inhalation).  Then another constructive activity(inhalation), followed by a snack time (inhalation), and afterward, outdoor free-play (exhalation).

Children thrive with a regular daily and weekly routine.  If a teacher can achieve a balance of expressive and receptive activities, children might better find balance in their lives.

How do you structure your daily schedule?  Would a breathing process work for your children?  Leave a comment!


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