Empirical Science

The foundations of today’s science lie in the works of Aristotle, and Bacon among others.  Aristotle reveals all logical reasoning follows observable phenomenon.  Bacon applies logic to measurable phenomenon.

In the Preschool, one way we prepare students for the sciences is by protecting the senses, as it is through the senses students will observe natural phenomena, and later draw scientific conclusions.

Sight:  We should protect students ‘eyes and be sure we surround them with a beautiful, natural aesthetic and soft light.

Hearing: We observe sounds but also make sure ears are protected from damaging noise.  We sing to them and speak to them with a pleasant voice.

Touch: Students can experiment with their tactile sense- playing with objects and substances of differing textures.  We protect their skin and provide them with loving, gentle touch.

Taste:  We are sure students eat healthy, delicious foods- organic when possible.  We cook with them regularly.  Cooking with Children

Smell:  We keep the children and ourselves, and classroom clean using natural soaps and cleaning solvents.  Experiments in cooking fill the room with pleasant smells.  An essential oil infuser can be used to add a special scent when desired.

As I write, the smell of birthday cake wafts through our classroom.


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