I’ve been asked what my greatest strength as a teacher is-  Of course, it’s my sense of humor!  Humor can help in working with children in several ways.  Humor enlivens the good times and eases the bad.

Children are absolutely hilarious (sometimes even when they don’t mean to be).  I often wish I wrote down all of the absurdities they utter.  They certainly keep me laughing.  The children like to play jokes on me.  Often, if left unoccupied, they will all climb into my chair.  In return I yell, “Roust!”, and they all tumble out giggling.

During more difficult times, focusing on humor eases troubles.  When redirecting undesirable behavior, I try to remind myself, it is better to laugh than to yell.  Also, in troubling times with parents or colleagues, laughter and a joke can lighten the mood and change work into play.

How do you use humor with your children?  Leave a comment.


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