Mindful Minute: The Mind Jar

Today I attended an inter-faith mindfulness workshop for parents and teachers taught a a meditation center in Sri Lanka.  A technique was introduced referred to as “the mind-jar”.    

The mind-jar is simply a jar filled with water and glitter.  [How to Make a Mind Jar] 

It is used in teaching mindfulness to children as an illustration of our states of mind:  When the mind-jar is rested, the glitter is at the bottom of the jar and the water is clear.  When the mind-jar is agitated, the glitter swirls restlessly in the jar making the water unclear.  

Beyond being an apt and rather beautiful illustration of the states of mind, the mind-jar can serve as a calming tool.  When children are agitated or restless, they can shake the mind-jar and as the glitter calms and settles slowly to the bottom of the jar children are invited to calm their own minds.  


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