Risky Business

Play:ground published a video about a playground in New York city wherein children are provided with saws, hammers and loose boards and planks.  Children are free to play with the materials as they wish.  

Creators of the playground explain the risk taking address a plenary of developmental needs of young children.  Risk taking help children overcome phobias and anxiety.  Children learn they can take risks and succeed.  

Admittedly, for reasons of professional accountability, giving young children unsupervised access to saws makes me a tad uncomfortable.  However, there are ways educators can allow for and foster risk-taking in children’s play.  And we should make it common practice to presume our children are competent and capable.  

The creators of the playground explain, giving children trust to make their own choices and problem solve for themselves gives children confidence and autonomy  The creators believe giving children this freedom may very well change the culture. 

How do you encourage your children to take risks?  Leave a comment.

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