Mindful Minute: Sharkfin


My class is reading “Master of Mindfulness:  How to Be Your Own Superhero in Times of Stress”.  It’s a sweet and simple book written by a fifth-grade mindfulness class in America.  In the book, they explain a practice called “Sharkfin”.  The authors explain:  “One way to remember you need mindfulness is to call on your Sharkfin. . . You put the side of your hand on top of your head and then move it down your face in front of your nose, and close your eyes as your hand moves down”.

I have intuitively been practicing “Sharkfin” for some time.  When feeling agitated, I’ve found that putting my hand over my heart in the manner described above causes calm centering.  My are finding it helpful too.  Try it with your kids!

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