As the school year winds to a close, teachers at my school are engrossed in report writing- myself included.  At my PYP school, I am expected to write six paragraphs on each child in six different areas, including math, language and a general holistic comment.  I also assign to each area a grade of: exceeding, meeting, approaching, or below expectations.  It is not ideal.

I recall in my graduate studies, a professor stated in any Early Childhood classroom you will find a developmental range of at least six years.  Each child develops at his and her own pace.  To attempt to standardize the developmental continuum is folly.  To try to rush the rate of a child’s development to meet one’s expectations is absurdity.

Earlier this year I attended a PYP workshop in which the instructor suggested early childhood reporting should consist only of a developmental checklist.  She suggested our work in the Preschool has taken the place of what used to be the work of community nurses:  ensuring proper development, noting milestones, and flagging any concerns.

How does your school report children’s progress?  What are the advantages or disadvantages of such a system?  Leave a comment!



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