Preschool Dictionaries


Because I like my children to feel they are authors, I try as much as possible to bind their work into books.  This alphabet project allows them to bind each page they have made over the course of the school year into a Dictionary.    I have each page laminated for perpetuity.  

When I first developed this project, I worked at a school with a die-cut machine and would cut each child the particular letters.  At my present school, we do not have a die-cut, so I print each letter on colored paper.  I find using “chalkboard” font most appropriate for letter learning.

Because of an agreement with my language coordinator, I use lower-case letters as they are seen and used more frequently in reading.  Empowering children to learn the lower-case letters may allow them to read sooner.

In the next post I’ll relay my process and post the stencils I use for each letter.  

Do you have any questions so far?  Leave a comment!


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