G is for Grape


G is for Grape.  A bunch of grapes can be made by layering six small circles.  Children can draw in a vine. 

Grapes can serve as a healthy food to introduce and practice mindful-eating.  For very young children, cut each grape in half:

-The children can sit on the floor or at a table.  

-Place one half of a grape in the palm of each child’s hand.  Instruct them to look at the grape- what do they observe?  

-Tell them to touch it, and even squish it a bit.  How does it feel?

-Next they’ll smell the grape.  Maybe they’ll want to close their eyes to focus on the smell.

-Then they will put the grape in their mouth- but tell them not to chew it just yet!  Instruct the children only to suck on the grape.  How does it taste?  Let them suck on the grape for some time only focusing on the taste.  

-When each is ready, they may chew and swallow the grape.  

This activity activates and strengthens executive functioning- a neural skill which helps children control their impulses.  Mindfulness can also help children learn to manage stress and emotions.

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