B is for Bumblebee


B is for Bumblebee.  A friendly little bumblebee can be made with a yellow circle for a thorax, a smaller black circle for a head, and two white ovals for wings.  Children can draw in the iconic black stripes, eyes, and antennae.  

It might be interesting for children to learn about the current environmental crisis effecting bumblebees.  However, it is important for children to not consider the Earth’s environment as doomed.  Rather, they should learn to feel empowered to help the Earth, and explore tangible ways they can work to care for and make the Earth’s environment better [Bio-Gladiators].

Below is a link to a Popular Science article suggesting ways to help bumblebees, including:

-Start a flowering garden

-Plant native flower species

-Be nice to bumble bees when you see them

-Report sightings in the wild

[How to Help Bumblebees]

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