A is for Apple


A is for Apple.  The apple was the first page I made when endeavoring on this project.  It’s possibly the most simple page of the project as well.  As I progressed in creating the whole alphabet, I learned a few lessons which I would apply to the apple page moving forward:  

First, the letter A is yellow placed on a white paper.  The lack of contrast between the letter A and the background makes it very difficult to see.  I learned to make a greater contrast in color from the letter and the background so as to make it more visible.

Secondly, it is possible for the children to draw in small details.  In fact, their drawn elements greatly enhance the image, makes each unique, and personalizes it.  Moving forward, I would have the children draw a simple stem extending from the top of the apple, connecting it to a smaller diamond leaf.  

Please have fun as you endeavor on this project with your children!  Know it’s not perfect and needs creative contributions.  What improvements did you make when you did this project with you children?  Leave a comment! 

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