Raising Children in a Doomed World

In The New York Times, Ron Scranton laments on the state of our environment, economy, and politics, and wonders what wisdom lies in perpetuating the human race [Link to Article].  I’ve had other parents share the same sentiments with me.  

However, adults need to hold optimism for our children’s future.  We need to recognize that they have purpose and will find their calling.  After all, Waldorf teachers will assert, they’ve chosen to be born for these times.  We can encourage our children to develop compassion, connection, and cultivate cooperation.  Educate them to be creative problem-solvers.  Empower them to be catalysts for change.       

Scranton concludes: “I can’t protect my daughter from the future and I can’t even promise her a better life. All I can do is teach her”.  What are your thoughts?  Leave a comment.



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