Working With Assistant Teachers

For years before I was a certified teacher, and a couple thereafter, I worked as a Waldorf Kindergarten assistant.  At the time, I considered myself more of an apprentice- as the Waldorf methods are obscure and rather particular.  Indeed, I learned a lot from my mentors, and credit my work as an assistant to be the reason my present work in the classroom is essentially effortless.

Now, I am blessed to have a most marvelous assistant to help me in my work.  I don’t consider her an apprentice- I consider her a colleague.  In fact, I’m learning from her.  Specifically, I’ve learned to let-go and give her freedom.  It was only a little difficult to stop myself from micro-managing and trust in her.  She has risen to surpass my expectations.  I should think she appreciates autonomy at her work- as I did as an assistant, and as anyone would.


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