Writer’s Workshop- Mentor Texts


Kasey Perry is back at my school.  She’s a Writer’s Workshop facilitator and mentor.  I’ve taken away a few key details, one of which is her explanation and use of mentor texts.

Before this week, I had thought of mentor texts being used in the Writer’s Workshop, as trade books which perfectly illustrate one particular skill which young writers might emulate.

However, Ms. Perry has added much to my understanding of mentor texts and their use.  She explained, mentor texts are well-loved books which have been read in class over and over and therefore, the children are intimately familiar with them.  

It was explained that one mentor text could be used to teach multiple lessons to young writers.  Teachers can point out text features and literary devices for which the texts serve as an exemplar.  Well-written and classic works of world literature can provide countless lessons and opportunities for young writers to hone their skills.  

What are your children’s best loved books?  Leave a comment. 

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