Coloring Pages

A heated debate rages between early childhood teachers:  To color, or not to color?

Opponents of coloring pages argue they inhibit children’s creativity.  As a non-conformist, I perfectly understand the criticism of coloring pages.  This criticism is captured in the belittling idiom of “coloring inside the lines”.  

However, I do on occasion use coloring pages with my students.  I have my children work on them in consideration of the benefits coloring pages offer students toward building strength and coordination of fine-motor skills.  

I personally came to understand the necessity for strength-training when I, for a short time, took-up mandala coloring as an adult pastime. It took a lot of strength to maintain coloring for a length of time- and I’m a grown woman!  Certainly my three and four year olds need to build their strength and stamina for writing.  

Coloring pages offer a fun opportunity to build and refine fine-motor skills.  As you see in the picture below, they invite an amount of creativity as well. 


What do you think?  Do you let your children coloring pages?  Leave a comment!

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