Humor enlivens the good times and eases the bad. 

Valentine Circle Game

This game also serves as an opportunity to assess the gross-motor development of your students.


Teachers can use this power to advance their learning goals.

Archetypal Play

Archetypal play pulls at children’s interest.  It sparks their creativity and connects them with a long lineage.

Teach What You Love

When you teach your children what you loved, you are perpetuating the tradition, you are participating in the initiation.

December Circle

Students are playing as they exercise and develop a crucial neural function.

Why Play?

Pretend play develops as the vehicle through which language and cognition are educated

Block Play

Children are invited to play creatively and as they build they are learning about engineering, symmetry, balance, and design.

Reader’s Theatre

As they bring the story to life, the plot, characters, action, and dialog become more meaningful to them.