Nothing Without Joy

Loris Malaguzzi,  pioneer of the Reggio Emilia approach,  is oft quoted asserting in early childhood settings there should be, “nothing without joy”.   How can educators find joy in challenging times?  This year has been unbelievably challenging, upsetting, and unprecedented.  I made it my goal this year to find and cultivate joy.   But what…

Childhood Amnesia

What is early childhood amnesia, and what does it mean for educators?

Forest School

This year I’ve started a new job at a school blessed with a beautiful and vast forest outside our front door.  One day a week we spend the whole morning playing out in the forest.  In these forest school sessions, I’ve watched the children develop resilience, gross motor coordination, camaraderie, and connection to and love…

Summer Vacation

“Experience, travel- these are an education in themselves”

Active Play

Fine and gross-motor coordination, the refinement of proprioceptive awareness, increased balance, strength, and endurance.