Nature Deficit Disorder

In his book, Last Child in the Woods, Richard Louve  addresses the dangers of ‘nature deficit disorder’.  In Orion Nature Quarterly, Louve’s article, Leave No Child Inside, again asserts the importance of creating opportunities for children to connect with the natural world.    My previous post spoke about how I’m taking my students out for…

Forest School

This year I’ve started a new job at a school blessed with a beautiful and vast forest outside our front door.  One day a week we spend the whole morning playing out in the forest.  In these forest school sessions, I’ve watched the children develop resilience, gross motor coordination, camaraderie, and connection to and love…

Resourcing the Room

When classroom resources are co-created with the children, they are imbued with meaning.

Creative Play

the capacity for creative play becomes the capacity for creative thought

Creative Genius

Focusing on divergent, imaginative, creative thinking