Cooking with Children

We explore fractions as we cut and share the bounty.  Children also learn chemistry as they witness ingredients blend and change.  

Shared Writing

Students become creative writers when we participate in these warm and lively writing sessions. 

Intrinsic Rewards

When students are able to self-evaluate the value of their own work, they are more able to grow into adults who are self-motivated. 

Halloween Circle Game

Not only is The Pumpkin King game fun, as they search for the ring in each child’s hands, students are learning probability and systemic strategy.

Flexible Seating

Young children are not meant to sit still for long. In fact, research finds movement improves learning results.


Involve students in decisions and actions.  Let them know they can make the world a better place.  Teach them to be bio-gladiators.

Author’s Chair

The author’s chair element of the writer’s workshop allows for sharing with peers, and receiving and giving feedback. 

Emergent Curriculum

A teacher should be free to harness student interest and use it to pursue her learning goals.

Circle Time

The circle integrates fine and gross-motor movement, music, verse, and social interaction. 

A Mindful Teacher

Rather than teaching-mindfulness, the greatest benefit to our students comes instead from our being a mindful-teacher. 

3-Way Conference

The 3-way format reinforces our expectation that the student take responsibility for their own education.